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Appellations of Báb
In the Writings of various Religions, Báb is referred to in many ways. The most common ones are listed below. You may have clicked on one of His appellations which are linked to this glossary entry.
If you know of other translations, appellations or attributes of Báb which are not listed, please submit them to the webmaster at: oelweinbahaigroup@gmail.com.
Appellation Meaning References
'Abdu'd̲h̲-D̲h̲ikr Servant of the Remembrance [BD 1], [BG 4]
Alí Given name [BD 15]
Alí Muḥammad Given name [BD 15]
Báb the Gate [BD 28], [BG 10], [KA 252],
[DB 674], [GWB 347]
Bábu'lláh Gate of God [BD 30], [BG 10]
Baqíyyatu'lláh Remnant of God [BD 44], [BG 11], [DB 674]
Best Reward   [SWB 49]
D̲h̲ikr-'lláh Remembrance of God [BD 71]
Endowed with constancy   [BD 189]
Eternal Truth   [SWB 45], [SWB 48]
Exponent of His Revelation   [SWB 81]
Focal Point of God's Will   [SWB 105]
Forerunner of Bahá'u'lláh   [BD 28]
Forerunner of the Ancient Beauty   [BG 10]
Gate, the Báb [BD 28]
Gate of God Bábu'lláh [BD 30], [BG 10]
Great Announcement   [SWB 74]
Great Remembrance of God   [SWB 70]
Guided One, the Mihdí, Mahdí [BD 155], [BD 190]
Hadrat Báb His Holiness the Báb [BD 93]
Hadrat-i-A'lá His Holiness, Most Exalted One [BD 93]
Herald, the   [BD 101]
Herald of a new Dawn   ABG
Herald of a New Era   [BG 10]
Herald of Bahá'u'lláh   [BD 30]
He Who shall arise Qá'im [BD 190]
He Who shall arise of the
family of Muḥammad
Qá'im-i-ál-i-Muḥammad [BD 190]
His Holiness Hadrat, Hadrat-i-A'lá [BD 93]
Ḥujjat the Proof [BD 228]
Ḥujjatu'lláh Proof of God [BG 19]
Lord of Remembrance Siyyid-i-D̲h̲ikr [BD 212]
Lord of the Age Sáhibu'z-Zamán [BD 141], [BD 200]
Mahdí Guided One, the [BD 155]
Manifestation of God   [BD 30], [BD 143-4]
Manifestation of the Unity
and Oneness of God
  [BG 10]
Mihdí Guided One, the [BD 155]
Most Exalted One Hadrat-i-A'lá [BD 93]
Most Excellent Abode   [SWB 66]
"My First Name" of Bahá'u'lláh [BG 10]
Mystic Fane   [SWB 74]
Nuqtih Point [BD 185]
Nuqtiy-i-úlá Primal Point [BD 185]
Point Nuqtih [BD 185]
Point of the Bayán   [BD 181]
Point of the Qu'rán   [SWB 83]
Primal Point Nuqtiy-i-úlá [BD 185]
Promised One of Islam   [BD 188]
Promised One of Zorastrian úshídar-Máh [BD 233]
Proof, the Ḥujjat [BD 228]
Prophet endowed with constancy   [BD 189]
Prophet-Founder of the Bábí Faith   [BD 28]
Prophet-Herald of Bahá'u'lláh   [BG 10]
Qá'im He Who shall arise [BD 190]
Qá'im-i-ál-i-Muḥammad He Who shall arise of the family of Muḥammad [BD 190]
Qurratu'l-'Ayn Solace of the eyes [SWB 49]
Remembrance of God Dhikr-'lláh [BD 71]
Remnant of God Baqíyyatu'lláh [BD 194], [BG 11], [DB 674]
Return of Elija   [BG 10]
Return of John the Baptist   [BG 10]
Return of the Twelfth Imám   [BG 10]
Sáhibu'z-Zamán Lord of the Age [BD 200]
Servant of the Remembrance 'Abdu'd̲h̲-D̲h̲ikr [BD 1], [BG 4]
Siyyid   [BD 212]
Siyyid Alí Muḥammad Given name [BD 28]
Siyyid-i-Báb   [BD 212]
Siyyid-i-D̲h̲ikr Lord of Remembrance [BD 212]
Solace of the eyes Qurratu'l-'Ayn [SWB 49]
Sun of Reality   [FWU]
Supreme Talisman   [SWB 45]
Twelfth Imám   [BD 228]
Twin Lote Trees Báb & Bahá'u'lláh [BD 200]
Ús̲h̲ídar-Máh Promised One of Zorastrian [BD 233]
Vicegerency of God   [SWB 66]
Wronged One   [SWB 70]
See also:  Báb; God Passes By, pp. 49, 57-60
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