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Bahá'í Houses of Worship - All
There are currently 60 Bahá'í Houses of Worship in some stage of existance. Ten are built and open to the public, one is under construction and one has been destroyed. The remaining are planned for construction in the near future. The decisions for which and when others will be built rest with the Universal House of Justice.
All Bahá'í Houses of Worship
The blue links indicate the pages which are completed. The brown links are the pages which are created, but have no content. These will be completed soon.
Built /
Continent Country State /
Province /
City Construction
Groundbreaking /
Laying of
03) Continental Africa Uganda   Kampala 1957 October 1958 January 26 1961 January 13
01) Continental Asia Russia Turkistan 'Ishqábád 1902 November 28 1902 November 28 1908
07) Continental Asia-Pacific Samoa   Tiapapata 1979   1984
04) Continental Australia Australia New South Wales Sydney (Ingleside) 1957 November 1958 March 22 1961 September 16
06) Continental Central America Panama   Panama City     1972 April 29-30
05) Continental Europe Germany   Hofheim-Langenhain 1960 December 1960 November 20 1964 July 4
08) Continental Indian Sub-Continent India New Delhi Bahapur 1984   1986 December
02) Continental North America United States of America Illinois Wilmette 1920 December 1912 May 1 by 'Abdu'l-Bahá 1953 May 2
09) Continental South America Chile   Santiago 2010 November   2016 October 19
National North America Alaska   Anchorage      
National South America Argentina   Buenos Aires      
National Europe Austria   Vienna      
National South America Bolivia   La Paz      
National South America Brazil   Rio de Janeiro      
National North America Canada Ontario Toronto      
National South America Colombia   Bogotá      
National Central America Costa Rica   San José      
National North America Dominican Republic   Santo Domingo      
National Africa Democratic Republic of the Congo          
National South America Ecuador   Quito      
National Africa Egypt   Cairo      
National Central America El Salvador   San Salvador      
National Asia-Pacific Fiji   Suva      
National Europe France   Paris      
National Central America Guatemala   Guatemala City      
National North America Haiti   Port-au-Prince      
National Central America Honduras   Tegucigalpa      
National Asia-Pacific Indonesia   Jakarta      
National Asia Iran Tehran Tehran      
National Asia Iraq   Baghdad      
National Asia Israel   Haifa      
National Europe Italy   Rome      
National North America Jamaica   Kingston      
National Asia-Pacific Japan   Tokyo      
National Africa Libya   Benghazi      
National Central America Mexico   Mexico City      
National Africa Morocco   Meknes      
National Asia-Pacific Myanmar   Yangon      
National Europe Netherlands[5]   The Hague      
National Asia-Pacific New Zealand   Auckland      
National Central America Nicaragua   Managua      
National Europe Norway   Oslo      
National Asia Pakistan   Karachi      
13) National Asia-Pacific Independent State of Papua New Guinea   Port Moresby September 2019    
National South America Paraguay   Asunción      
National South America Peru   Lima      
National Africa South Africa   Johannesburg      
National Europe Spain   Madrid      
National Europe Sweden   Stockholm      
National Europe Switzerland   Bern      
National Africa Tunisia   Tunis      
National Europe Turkey   Istanbul      
National Europe United Kingdom   London      
National South America Uruguay   Montevideo      
National South America Venezuela   Caracas      
10) Local Asia-Pacific Cambodia   Battambang     2017 August 31
14) Local Indian Sub-Continent India   Bihar Sharif      
Local North America United States of America Maine Eliot      
Local Asia Israel   Haifa      
12) Local Africa Kenya   Matunda Soy   2019 March 22  
11) Local South America Colombia Cauca Department Agua Azul, Villa Rica   2018 July 22 2018 July 22
Local Asia-Pacific Vanuatu   Tanna      
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Map of locations of Bahá'í Houses of Worship in the world.
A map of the location of continental Bahá'í Houses of Worship worldwide; Green green represents countries that currently have Bahá'í Houses of Worship (with a black dot for the city); Red red represents countries where a House of Worship existed, but no longer does; Light Green light green represents countries where Houses of Worship were planned according to the Ridván Message for 2012.
Map of locations of Bahá'í Houses of Worship in the world.
Map of locations of Bahá'í Houses of Worship in the world.
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  • Green Countries with an existing House of Worship
  • Light Green Countries with a House of Worship planned or under construction
  • Red Countries with a previously existing House of Worship (now destroyed)
  •     •     Where known, exact locations are marked with a black dot: •


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