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Names and Attributes of God
In the Writings of various Religions, God is referred to in many ways. The most common ones are listed below. You may have clicked on one of His names or attributes which are linked to this glossary entry.
This list of names and attributes is my no means complete. The concept of placing any limitation on God is indicative of blasphemy. If you know of other translations, names or attributes of God which are not listed, please submit them to the webmaster at: oelweinbahaigroup@gmail.com.
A meaning or definition is given for the names and attributes which are not from the English language.
Names and Attributes of God Menu
Name / Attribute Language Religion Meaning Ref
Xwedê Kurdish  God  2
Xwedê Yazidi    God  2
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13. Native American Gods and Goddesses, Native American Creator Gods
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