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Names and Attributes of God
In the Writings of various Religions, God is referred to in many ways. The most common ones are listed below. You may have clicked on one of His names or attributes which are linked to this glossary entry.
This list of names and attributes is my no means complete. The concept of placing any limitation on God is indicative of blasphemy. If you know of other translations, names or attributes of God which are not listed, please submit them to the webmaster at: abahaiglossary@gmail.com.
A meaning or definition is given for the names and attributes which are not from the English language.
Names and Attributes of God Menu
Name / Attribute Language Religion Meaning Ref
A consuming fire English Christian   10
A covert from the tempest English Christian   10
A crown of glory English Christian   10
A diadem of beauty English Christian   10
A father to Israel English Christian   10
A God that hidest thyself English Christian   10
A Governor English Christian   10
A hiding place from the wind English Christian   10
A holy God English Christian   10
A jealous God English Christian   10
A judge of the widows English Christian   10
A just God and a Savior English Christian   10
A man of war English Christian   10
A merciful God English Christian   10
A mighty terrible one (In KJV, "terrible" means "awesome") English Christian   10
A nail in a sure place English Christian   10
A place of broad rivers and streams English Christian   10
A rewarder of them that diligently seek him English Christian   10
A sanctuary English Christian   10
A shadow from the heat English Christian   10
A shelter for me English Christian   10
A strength to the needy in his distress English Christian   10
A strength to the poor English Christian   10
A strong Lord English Christian   10
A strong tower from the enemy English Christian   10
A sun and shield English Christian   10
A sure foundation English Christian   10
A tried stone English Christian   10
A very present help in trouble English Christian   10
A wall of fire round about English Christian   10
A witness to us (Holy Spirit) English Christian   10
Ababinili Chickasaw   God, Creator 13
Abadeh   Zarathustrian Without Beginning 7
Abaraja   Zarathustrian Bountiful Giver 7
Abaravand   Zarathustrian Detached from All 7
Abarin-kuhan-tawan   Zarathustrian Preserver of Creation 7
Abarin-nao-tawan   Zarathustrian Renewer of Creation 7
Abaser, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Khafid 3
Abba, Father   Christian   10
Abi-anjam   Zarathustrian Without End 7
Abider English Bahá'í   5
Abiding English Bahá'í   5
Abiding One English Bahá'í   5
A-bish   Zarathustrian Devoid of pain 7
Above Old Man Wiyot   Creator 13
Abraxas   Gnosticism is a god uniting the dualistic concepts in Gnosticism. 2
Absoute Truth, the English Hindu Para Brahman 2
Ab-tum   Zarathustrian Creator of Lifegiving water 7
Accounter, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Muhsi 3
Adar-bad-gar   Zarathustrian Transmuter of Fire into Air 7
Adar-kibritatum   Zarathustrian Supreme Transmuter of Fire into divine sparks 7
Adar-nam-gar   Zarathustrian Transmuter of Fire into dew 7
Adat Assyrian   God 4
Ad-Darr Arabic Islam The Distressor, The Harmer, The Afflictor. This attribute can only be found in ḥadït̲h̲ 3
Adi Purusha   Hindu Timeless Being, or Primordial Lord 2
Adnj Canaanish   God 4
Adonai-Jehovah Hebrew Judaism The Lord our Sovereign 10
Adro   Zarathustrian Most Righteous 7
A-dui   Zarathustrian One without a second 7
A-ehem   Zarathustrian Beyond reason 7
Aekh Tan   Zarathustrian Soul Supreme 7
A-farefah   Zarathustrian Never Deceiving 7
A-faremosh   Zarathustrian Never-forgetting 7
Affirmer of Truth, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Mu'min 3
Afflictor, the English Islam Arabic: Ad-Darr. This attribute can only be found in ḥadït̲h̲ 3
A-frajdum   Zarathustrian Most exalted one 7
Afza   Zarathustrian Ever Prolific 7
A-gar-agar   Zarathustrian Creator of all the four elements 7
A-gar-a-gar-gar   Zarathustrian Creator of all the planets and all other worlds 7
Ageless English Zarathustrian A-jaman 7
Agla Cabalistic   God 4
Aguguq Aleut   God 13
Agu'gux Aleut   Creator 13
A-guman   Zarathustrian Never in doubt 7
Ahone Powhatan   God, Creator 13
Ahu   Zarathustrian Lord of exisience 7
Ahura Mazda   Zarathustrian Lord of Light or "Lord Wisdom" 2
Ahuramazd   Zarathustrian Lord of Life and Wisdom 7
Ain-aenah   Zarathustrian Never Changing 7
A-jaman   Zarathustrian Ageless 7
Akba Atatdia Crow   Creator 13
A-Khuan   Zarathustrian Eternally awake 7
Al-Aḥad Arabic Islam The One, the All Inclusive, The Indivisible 3
Al-'Adl Arabic Islam The Utterly Just 3
Al-'Afuww Arabic Islam The Pardoner, The Effacer of Sins 3
Al-Akhir Arabic Islam The Last 3
Al-Alim Arabic Islam The All Knowing, The Omniscient 3
Al-Aliyy Arabic Islam The Sublimely Exalted 3
Al-Awwal Arabic Islam The First 3
Al-Azeem Arabic Islam The Magnificent, The Infinite 3
Al-Aziz Arabic Islam The Almighty, The Self Sufficient, The Most Honorable 3
Al-Badi Arabic Islam The Incomparable, The Originator 3
Al-Ba'ith Arabic Islam The Raiser of The Dead 3
Al-Baqi Arabic Islam The Ever Enduring and Immutable 3
Al-Bari' Arabic Islam The Rightful 3
Al-Barr Arabic Islam The Most Kind and Righteous 3
Al-Basir Arabic Islam The All Seeing 3
Al-Basit Arabic Islam The Expander, The Munificent 3
Al-Batin Arabic Islam The Hidden, The All Encompassing 3
Al-Fattah Arabic Islam The Opener, The Victory Giver 3
Al-Ghaffar Arabic Islam The Ever Forgiving 3
Al-Ghafoor Arabic Islam The All Forgiving 3
Al-Ghani Arabic Islam The All Rich, The Independent 3
Al-Hadi Arabic Islam The Guide 3
Al-Hafeez Arabic Islam The Preserver 3
Al-Hakam Arabic Islam The Judge, The Arbitrator 3
Al-Hakeem Arabic Islam The Wise 3
Al-Haleem Arabic Islam The Forbearing, The Indulgent 3
Al-Hamid Arabic Islam The All Praiseworthy 3
Al-Ḥaqq Arabic Islam The Truth, The Real 3
Al-Hasib Arabic Islam The Reckoner 3
Al-Hayy Arabic Islam The Ever Living 3
Al-Jabbar Arabic Islam The Powerful, The Irresistible, The Compeller, The Most Lofty, The Restorer / Improver of Affairs 3
Al-Jaleel Arabic Islam The Majestic 3
Al-Jami'e Arabic Islam The Gatherer, The Unifier 3
Al-Kabeer Arabic Islam The Great 3
Al-Karim Arabic Islam The Bountiful, The Generous 3
Al-Khabeer Arabic Islam The All Aware 3
Al-Khafid Arabic Islam The Abaser 3
Al-Khaliq Arabic Islam The Creator 3
All Able, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Qadir 3
All Aware, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Khabeer 3
All Beneficent, the English Islam Arabic: Ar-Rahman 3
All Compelling Subduer, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Qahhar 3
All Determiner, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Muqtadir 3
All embracing Goodness English Zarathustrian Har-Hamid 7
All embracing Holy light English Zarathustrian Har-naik faraih 7
All Encompassing, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Wasse'e 3
All Encompassing, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Batin 3
All Forgiving, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Ghafoor 3
All Glorious, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Majeed 3
All Hearing, the English Islam Arabic: As-Sami'e 3
All in all English Zarathustrian Harvastum 7
All Inclusive, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Aḥad 3
All Knowing, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Alim 3
All Pitying, the English Islam Arabic: Ar-Ra'uf 3
All Praiseworthy, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Hamid 3
All Rich, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Ghani 3
All Seeing, the English Islam Arabic: -Basir 3
All Victorious,the English Islam Arabic: Az-Zahir 3
Alla Malay   The God 12
Alla Maltese   The God 12
Allah Arabic   The God 1
Allah Syriac   The God 1
Allah Turkish   The God 1
Alláh Arabic   The God 1
Al-Lateef Arabic Islam The Subtly Kind 3
All-Compelling English Bahá'í   5
All-Forgiving English Bahá'í   5
All-Generous English Bahá'í   5
All-Knowing English Zarathustrian Harvesp-agah 7
All-Knowing One English Bahá'í   5
All-Merciful English Bahá'í   5
All-Pervading English Zarathustrian Vasna 7
All-Powerful English Zarathustrian Harvesp-tawan 7
All-Preserving One English Bahá'í   5
All-ruler     Old English: Al-wealda 8
All-Seeing God English Bahá'í   5
All-Sufficing English Bahá'í   5
Al-Majeed Arabic Islam The All Glorious 3
Al-Majid Arabic Islam The Illustrious, The Magnificent 3
Al-Malik Arabic Islam The King, The Sovereign, The True and Ultimate King 3
Al-Mani'e Arabic Islam The Withholder, The Shielder, the Defender 3
Al-Mateen Arabic Islam The Firm, The Steadfast 3
Almighty English Bahá'í   5
Almighty God English Christian   10
Almighty, the English Christian   10
Almighty, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Aziz 3
Al-Mu'akhir Arabic Islam The Delayer, He Who Puts Far Away 3
Al-Mubdi' Arabic Islam The Producer, Originator, and Initiator of All 3
Al-Mudhell Arabic Islam The Giver of Dishonour 3
Al-Mu'ezz Arabic Islam The Giver of Honour 3
Al-Mughni Arabic Islam The Enricher, The Emancipator 3
Al-Muhaymin Arabic Islam The Guardian, The Preserver, The Overseeing Protector 3
Al-Muhsi Arabic Islam The Accounter, The Numberer of All 3
Al-Muhyi Arabic Islam The Giver of Life 3
Al-Mu'id Arabic Islam The Reinstater Who Brings Back All 3
Al-Mujib Arabic Islam The Responsive, The Answerer 3
Al-Mu'min Arabic Islam The Guarantor, The Self Affirming, The Granter of Security, The Affirmer of Truth 3
Al-Mumit Arabic Islam The Bringer of Death, The Destroyer 3
Al-Muntaqim Arabic Islam The Avenger 3
Al-Muqaddim Arabic Islam The Expediter, He Who Brings Forward 3
Al-Muqeet Arabic Islam The Nourisher 3
Al-Muqsit Arabic Islam The Equitable, The Requiter 3
Al-Muqtadir Arabic Islam The All Determiner, The Dominant 3
Al-Musawwir Arabic Islam The Fashioner of Forms 3
Al-Muta'ali Arabic Islam The Self Exalted 3
Al-Mutakabbir Arabic Islam The Tremendous 3
Alpha and Omega English Christian Greek: A and Z or First and Last or Beginning and Ending 10
Al-Qabid Arabic Islam The Restrainer, The Straightener 3
Al-Qadir Arabic Islam The All Able 3
Al-Qahhar Arabic Islam The All Compelling Subduer 3
Al-Qawee Arabic Islam The Strong 3
Al-Qayyum Arabic Islam The Self Subsisting Sustainer of All 3
Al-Quddus Arabic Islam The Most Holy, The Most Pure, The Most Perfect 3
Al-Waali Arabic Islam The Patron 3
Al-Wadud Arabic Islam The Loving, The Kind One 3
Al-Wahhab Arabic Islam The Bestower 3
Al-Wahid Arabic Islam The One, The Unique, Manifestation of Unity 3
Al-Wajid Arabic Islam The Perceiver, The Finder, The Unfailing 3
Al-Wakeel Arabic Islam The Trustee, The Dependable 3
Al-Walee Arabic Islam The Protecting Friend, Patron and Helper 3
Al-Warith Arabic Islam The Heir, The Inheritor of All 3
Al-Wasse'e Arabic Islam The Vast, The All Encompassing 3
Al-wealda Old English   All-ruler 8
Amast   Zarathustrian Ever-alert 7
Amen, the English Christian   10
A-minogar   Zarathustrian Creator of the Profoundly Spiritual 7
Amon Egyptian   God 4
An ensign for the nations English Christian   10
An ensign of the people English Christian   10
An Ineffable Entity English Hindu Para Brahman 2
An-aenah   Zarathustrian Formless 7
Anah-aoshaka   Zarathustrian Immortal 7
An-ayafeh   Zarathustrian Unattainable 7
Ancient of days English Christian   10
Ancient of Days English Bahá'í   5
An-Nafi'e Arabic Islam The Propitious, The Benefactor 3
An-Nur Arabic Islam The Light 3
Answerer, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Mujib 3
Apistotoke Blackfoot   God 13
Arbitrator, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Hakam 3
Ar-Rafi'e Arabic Islam The Exalter 3
Ar-Rahim Arabic Islam The Most Merciful, The Most Merciful in Actions 3
Ar-Rahman Arabic Islam The All Beneficent, The Most Merciful in Essence, The Compassionate, The Most Gracious 3
Ar-Raqib Arabic Islam The Watchful 3
Ar-Rashid Arabic Islam The Guide, Infallible Teacher and Knower 3
Ar-Ra'uf Arabic Islam The Compassionate, The All Pitying 3
Ar-Razzaq Arabic Islam The Ever Providing 3
As Runic   God 1
A-satoha   Zarathustrian Unconquerable 7
Ash-Shaheed Arabic Islam The Witness 3
Ash-Shakoor Arabic Islam The Grateful 3
As-Sabur Arabic Islam The Patient, The Timeless. 3
As-Salaam Arabic Islam The Peace and Blessing, The Source of Peace and Safety, The Most Perfect 3
As-Samad Arabic Islam The Self Sufficient, The Impregnable, The Eternally Besought of All, The Everlasting 3
As-Sami'e Arabic Islam The All Hearing 3
Ataensic Iroquois   Goddess 13
A-tars   Zarathustrian Fearless 7
Aten Pharaonic Egypt   is the earliest name of a supreme being associated with monotheistic thought, being the solar divinity which Akhenaten had declared the only god of the state cult, as part of his wholesale absolutist reforms, thereby threatening the position on the various temple priesthoods, which had the old polytheism restored immediately after his death. 2
Atina Arikara   Goddess 13
Atius-Tirawa Pawnee   God 13
Aton Canaanish   God 4
Attainer of All English Zarathustrian Hama-Ayafeh 7
At-Tawwab Arabic Islam The Ever Returning, Ever Relenting 3
Author of peace English Christian   10
Avakhshiaea   Zarathustrian Merciful Giver 7
Avakshidar   Zarathustrian Forgiver of sins 7
Avenger, the English Islam Arabic: Al-Muntaqim 3
Awakener of Eternal Spring English Zarathustrian Farsho-gar 7
Ayanat Caddi Caddo   Creator 13
Az-Zahir Arabic Islam The Manifest, The All Victorious 3
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